About Hair Loss

There are many reasons why you might lose your hair: accident, surgery, cancer treatments, burns and scalds [including chemical burns], stress or simply natural thinning of hair.

Whatever the reason for your hair loss, this can be a very upsetting and stressful experience. All servicing is available in the privacy of the hotel venues or in the comfort of your own home. I will do any necessary cutting and styling to make it as natural as possible. Regrooms and haircuts available in hotel venues or at your home.
Postal styling, servicing and repairs available by post.



Even though it is increasingly becoming perfectly acceptable to pay for cosmetic surgery in all its forms, it seems that hair replacement remains the butt-end of jokes everywhere. I have seen jokes about wigs in a variety of places, for example in films, in advertisements, in sit-coms, newspapers and magazines. They are a target for comedians and it is seen as funny and acceptable to ridicule people who are known to wear some form of hair-replacement.

Even friends can inadvertently make you self conscious and embarrassed by making thoughtless comments.

Hair loss is never a joke if it’s happening to you.

Many people claim that they can spot a hairpiece or wig a mile away – the truth is that they will only spot a bad one.

Wigs, toupees and hairpieces are usually spotted because they are too thick, the wrong colour or not grey enough. If you have any of these problems I can help.
I am dedicated to bringing my customers a more natural, modern looking, wig, hairpiece or toupee which is light and comfortable, while reducing detection and any embarrassment.

Together I will help you to choose the right base, colour and style so that you can relax and stop worrying about your hairloss.

Jason SmithHair Loss