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Help I’m losing my hair!

Help I’m losing my hair!

First- Don’t Panic!

We need to work out the reason why you are having some hair loss before you can do something about it. Sounds obvious right? But you would be surprised how many things worried folk spend money on without stopping to work it out.
Ok so has this been happening slowly or has your hair suddenly started falling out?

If it is sudden, ask yourself these questions:
Are you taking any medications?
Have you had any trauma? This could include a fall, a car crash, a sudden death of someone close (sounds strange doesn’t it, but this really is a thing!)
Has it started to fall out in patches?
Is there a rash on your scalp?
If you can say yes to any of these questions you need to get to your doctor and discuss it with him/her.

Has your hair been thinning slowly in a particular area? eg at the temples or crown?
You may have ‘Male pattern baldness’ ( this is very common even if you are female).
When you have a natural hair loss there are only three choices:

  1. Learn to live with your new look. You will look older and this might be an advantage.
  2. Shave it all off (the oldest fashion in history and very chilly but still popular!)
  3. Come and see me to get some hair replacement and look your age again (or younger!)

Most of all you have lots of options so please do not despair x

WendyHelp I’m losing my hair!
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